Getting Ready For Marriage Workbook
By Jim Burns

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Author Jim Burns
Publisher David C. Cook
Number of Pages 224
Date Released Dec 31, 2014
Language English
SKU 9780781412186
Binding Paperback / Softback
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Highly respected relationship experts, Jim Burns and Doug Fields, channel decades of frontline marriage study into an actionable premarital workbook for couples and those seeking to support them. Delivered in nine potent sessions, each rooted in key biblical and relational truths, Burns and Fields craft a proactive premarital model that equips participants to confront big issuesincluding communication, finances, spirituality, and intimacyprior to their wedding day. Fresh and practical, this workbook is a dynamic resource for couples, pastors, counselors, small group leaders, and others interested in strengthening the bond of marriage through premarital exploration, guidance, and planning. A thoughtful gift or family ministry resource, the workbook also includes an appendix for use as a counseling centerpiece. This workbook can be used as a stand-alone resource or partnered with the Getting Ready for Marriage: A Practical Road Map for Your Journey Together book and companion video package.
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