Working Together Study Guide
By Amy Mcgowan

Growing A Strong Marriage Vol. 3
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Author Amy Mcgowan
Publisher Hendrickson Publishers
Number of Pages 80
Date Released Dec 31, 2014
Language English
SKU 9781619705852
Binding Paperback / Softback
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This unique video study series on growing a stronger marriage is a great starting point for couples as they pursue deeper communication and understanding with one another. Through videos, discussion with other couples, and Bible study, this resource will help men and women become rooted and grounded together in Christ and committed to each other. Because whether you have been married for a few years or thirty years, there is always room to grow! This volume addresses communication and conflict and has a bonus session on remarriage. Working Together (DVD 2) Session 1 Communication I Session 2 Communication II Session 3 When Conflict Grows and Remains Bonus Remarriage
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